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As the first established business unit, ELECTECH mainly produces various kinds of intelligent appliances such as coffee machine, bread machine, electric oven and the like, most of which are sold to the Asia-Pacific region. With the 15-year experience in small appliances market, ELECTECH small appliances business unit has become one of the companies with largest scale and strongest technological innovation capability. Although ETi is now going all out for LED production, small appliance is still an important member brand of ETi. The Company will provide more supports to ELECTECH for making it a famous brand of small appliance in Asia-Pacific region. In 1934, ACA (Appliance Co. of America) Company, the originator of home electrical appliances was established in America. ACA Company has been devoting to R&D and production of “professional intelligent home appliances” for 73 years. Over many years of development, ACA has grown up to a famous leading brand of home appliance because of its business concept of “creating user-friendly and environment-friendly intelligent products for green & health life”. China is becoming a “global commercial production base”. Being aware of this trend, ACA, as a creative and leading company, follows it up closely: In 2000, ACA built the largest production base in Zhuhai; In 2001, ACA set up a “global R&D centre of home appliances” up to global standard in Zhuhai. Now ACA has become a global business conglomerate engaged mainly in R&D, production and sales of home appliances. Sunshine Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Bengbu, a beautiful Pearl City in the center of Northern Anhui Province. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangdong dehuorunda group and was founded in 2010. It is a company dedicated to the research and development, manufacturing and sales of LED driving power supply. It has more than 500 employees. At present, the company has applied for more than 10 patents and obtained the certification of ISO9001, UL, 3C and Anhui high-tech enterprises, covering an area of 12000 square meters. In 1934, ACA(Appliance Co. Of America), the founder of global household Appliance brands, was born in the United States.Over the past 78 years, it has been devoted to the research and development and manufacturing of "professional intelligent household appliances"."Green health, human quality, intelligent environmental protection" has made ACA a global leader in home appliance r&d and manufacturing. In view of the trend of China becoming a "global industrial manufacturing base", ACA is dynamic as an innovative and leading brand: in 2000, ACA invested in zhuhai, China to build a large global manufacturing base;In 2001, ACA established the High level "Global Home Appliance Technology R&d Center" in Zhuhai.Today, ACA is a global research, development, manufacturing and marketing group of commercial and home appliance products. Shenzhen sharp billiton display technology co., LTD., founded in 1997, from the initial production of the LED module, device, to research began in 2000, LED lighting, sharp company focusing on the services of a series of professional market - advertising and brand, sports venues, large activities and entertainment, LED lighting and decoration, provide forms for the LED application product solutions.In 2009, DHURurunda acquired full ownership of Rintour.The sales target for 20 years is 600 million, with 900 employees and 16,000 square meters of factory buildings. In 2009, Ruito Display was wholly-owned by Dehaurunda. Ruito display became the first listed company in the LED display industry.At present, it has more than 10 wholly-owned and holding enterprises, with sales of more than 4 billion YUAN in 2010 and total employees of over 11,000 people. Its main business includes the manufacturing and service of LED chips, LED epitaxial wafers, LED lighting, LED display screens, LED packaging, LED equipment and kitchen appliances.Dhurunda has been awarded "Top 100 Private enterprises in Guangdong Province", "High-tech Enterprises in Guangdong Province", "Top 10 Private Enterprises in Zhuhai city" and so on. Dhurunda is a small household appliance company.ELECTECH small Appliances is a department established in the early days of DE Haurunda. It mainly produces a variety of smart home appliances such as coffee machines, toasters and electric ovens. Its products are mainly sold to the Asia-Pacific region.After 15 years in the red Square market of small home appliances, ELECTECH has become one of the global small home appliances companies with strong scale and technological innovation ability. Although ETi is now fully engaged in the LED industry, small home appliances are still an important member brand of ETi. The company will continue to increase its support to ELECTECH and make it a famous small home appliance brand in the Asia-Pacific region. Rayse Lighting (2222.HK) is a lighting product supplier with competitive advantages in China and listed on the main board of The Hong Kong Stock Exchange.According to the statistics of China Association of Lighting Appliances, Rais lighting is a major supplier of domestic lighting brands and also a large-scale manufacturer of energy-saving lamps, T4/T5 supports and electronic ballasts in China.In China, Laish has manufacturing bases in Guangdong, Chongqing, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other places, 36 operation centers and more than 3,000 brand stores in the country, forming a complete customer service network.Around the world, Raz has established operations in more than 40 countries and regions.Leishi lighting engineering and by a great number of famous brand choice, including the London 2012 Olympic Games, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the 2010 Shanghai world expo, the 2010 guangzhou Asian games, the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, wuhan-guangzhou high iron, etc., and signed on as the oca lighting and service partners, 2013 lighting and exclusive service providers, the sixth east Asian games in 2014 Thailand 4th Asian beach games exclusive supplier of lighting products and services. --> More > --> --> 关闭 关闭 About About ETI Operational Historical heritage Technological Environmental publicity Product Small appliances LED Investor Relations Governance structure Company policy Provisional notice Periodic reports Shareholder return Fairness around ETi Global Sales network Partners Engineering case News Enterprise News Media reports Industry News Contact us Contact Link: ACA北美电器   Copyright © 2020 Elec-Tech International(H.K)Co .Ltd   POWERED BY HYPERNOTION

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